Saturday, September 20, 2008


During adolescence, as children mature, (per)spiration dramatically increases. A bodily annointing takes place. That is, an outpouring of oil flows all over the body. (Our bodies runneth over.) This annointing, this "baptism" if you will, marks the entrance into adulthood, into wisdom, into wise appropriations of our priestly and prophetic callings.

Sweat, as we all know, is the product of labor, of work. It is the visible glorification of the body with the dew of dominion.

And yet... and yet despite the beauty of this analogical relationship between the life of one adam with the history of all humanity, we share as well in futility. The end of our lives is not much different than the end of Adam's. The oil of our skin, which preserves the beauty of youth, eventually dries up. As the oils fade and our skin cells die and our visage fades in glory, so do we begin to wrinkle and dry up, apostasizing finally into the dust from which we came.