Saturday, October 4, 2008

Accessability Fail!!

Hint - If your book starts out with chapter titles like "Naming the Metaworld," "Alpha Radiation: The Creation of Heaven," and "Omega Apocalypse: The Consummation of Heaven" and the last section of your book has tons of sentences like:
Entailed in this teleogical priority is a formative relation to the precursive course of the cosmos; the decreed eschatological epiphanation of the God-man Redeemer dictates the shape of the whole anterior historical process, both creational and lapsarian.
Then you probably didn't succeed at providing "a primer in covenant theology." Nor is it likely that you made "more accessible the gist of some of [your] previous biblical-theological studies ... [doing] so in a form serviceable to a wider readership."

You're doing it wrong, Mr. Kline.