Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday was awesome. 6th period began with two young men supposedly playing. This "play" took place in the form of one of them charging the other one and driving him into the wall some eight feet behind him. Yes. It was great. Oh and also, I forgot to mention that I was between that poor "playmate" and the wall into which he was slammed. As I recovered from being knocked over and immediately moved to break up the "shenanigans" which were ensuing, the wooden meter stick in my hand was incidentally broken into two pieces. Boys were sent to separate rooms, and then eventually to the assistant principal's office. There, they explained what was so plainly "obvious" to the both of them - that they were just a couple of friends playing a little rough. The whole thing was, I am told, an "accident." And as you might expect, both were let go without consequence.

Needless to say, the remainder of 6th period was shot to hell.

I was fairly exasperated, you might imagine, and longing to vent my frustrations into the first sympathetic ear I could find, I became further irritated as each of the people in whom I would normally trust to listen were preoccupied with all their own little worlds. My only solace was in the phone call I received shortly after school ended, the mother of one of those rascally adolescents. I was nearly in tears just hearing her apologize for the great amount of grief her son is causing me. I told her I was "very, very thankful" that she called.

I was so emotionally exhausted that I found myself collapsing my head sideways into the car window and just staring, staring and listening, listening to a gorgeous little song that seems to sooth my well-tried heart, Sam Beam's "Sodom, South Georgia"...

Compounding on the day's awesomeness, Cathleen and I had a pleasant evening of fighting over God-knows-what, and circa 10PM, when I finally got home, my eyes were bloodshot and throat exhausted from all the yelling (at the kids, not her).

Today was only mildly better. I lost count of how many detentions I issued out. (Though I'm pleased to report that two of them go to the children mentioned above.) Cathleen and I decided to stop hating each other and even met up with our awesome wedding photographer to discuss, well, the wedding. But I'm now off for home to be with the family, looking forward to a night filled with the grading of tests.