Thursday, November 6, 2008

RE: Teaching

Look, I might be working 50 hour weeks, week after week. I might be getting sick every other week from the stress. My voice might be hoarse by the end of every Friday. I might spend perfectly decent afternoons giving children hell in detention. I might be super behind on finishing my master's degree (There's probably a good 5,000 pages of reading ahead of me before I graduate in May). And I may be told that I'm the worst teacher ever (by students) on a near daily basis - and that they hate me. But I still think I have a really awesome job.

I can tell that I love it when I pull aside my worst-behaved, most obnoxious students to talk with them and find that my eyes get watery when I tell them how much I care about them. That must be the tiniest glimmer of what it feels like to be a parent.