Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mo' Money

I met the most incredible person last night. We had a very brief conversation, but the guy made a serious impression on me.

Many people talk about materialism, and worship of mammon, and all that. But in the real world most people, it seems, have just tinges or shades of this sort of wrongheadedness. Few people would openly confess things like, "I live for money, living from weekend thrill, to weekend thrill, and the only friends I have are fun-lovin' partiers. I'm making so much money right now that I'm going to retire next Fall." When people fully embody such stereotypes, unflinchingly, to such a degree as this guy, I can hardly any longer consider them a full-fledged person - they've become caricatures of men. It was like I was in a movie or something.

I mean, if I ask the guy, "What are you gonna do when you retire?" And the only thing he's got for me is a frank uncertainty that he can only describe as "Have fun?" then I get a little bit worried.

When that guy hits bottom, it's gonna be rough.