Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh Blessed Lord!

And then there is Dennis - he who has recently gifted me two texts, the subject of which is largely gift (and to a lesser extent, text): one, two. There is a certain providentiality to the whole thing, too (but in two senses). Firstly, in that I was provided with something which I lacked. Secondly, it is providential in that I received GWB the day immediately following the very period of liturgical time that caused me to suspend reading it. (It is triply providential if you consider that when I first found the book, said finding was attributed to providence!)

To whet the appetite with a glimpse of the joys to come, consider the following essay titles (from here):
  1. Evil in Person
  2. The Freedom to be Free
  3. Evidence and Bedazzlement
  4. The Intentionality of Love
  5. The Crucial Crisis
  6. The Gift of Presence
  7. What Love Knows
Of the reading of books there is no end.