Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let the Reader Understand

Douglas Jones' "The Art of Pettiness" is one of my all-time favorite Credenda/Agenda articles:
Simplicity Reigns — Life is always simple. We are monotheists. Only relativists and perverts believe that there's more than one way to see things. The universe is orderly, edged, and snaps together at the joints. The simple is the true. Other people try to hide their disorderliness by claiming complexity. Words have only one meaning. People can only mean what they explicitly say. Coins have only two sides. She's either blond or not. You can't be a little bit decapitated. Don't trust anyone who can't give you a precise definition. Definitions snap together like a good plastic car model. If it doesn't click, it doesn't fit. God gives us definitions so that we might be free. [source]
Please, no arguments. Just follow the link and read the whole thing.