Friday, June 12, 2009

The Potent Novetly of Christian Mythology

Been meaning to share this for a few days now. Josh the Liar has some really great things to say about the foolishness of Christ. Here's but a snippet, but the whole thing is really worth review:
For the Greeks, death separated the gods from the mortals. Death was not a threshold the gods could ever cross, thus death was an impediment between mortals and immortals ever knowing one another. It is strange that Jesus comes preaching a "knowledge" of God by men, or a "knowledge" of men by God. When the Greeks heard of a God who would ultimately claim to know some men and not others, they had no hook to set such claims. Further, the Eschaton, the End of Things, is curiously absent from Hesiod's work. The concept of the Eschaton must have been bizarre to the Greeks, who seem to assume the eternality of this earth, the eternality of war, the cyclical nature of all things. We take The End for granted today, but there was a time when The End Of All Things was pure revolution. [source]