Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Time

Well, as of June 9th, I haven't been required to go into work, and won't be required to go in until some time mid-August. It's been nice - and busy, much busier than I anticipated. Cathleen and I went up to South Carolina for a few days, went to Orlando for five days, and then back to South Carolina for two more days. Only yesterday were we able to regroup a bit before Cathleen went back to work.

Orlando was great. We stayed here; went here with Matt and Berek; went here with Berek (it was good times); went here as well; had a wonderful time here and here with Berek, Jason, Jonathan, Sandra (and Company), Tallie, The Generous Mr. Hutchison, and Kazu; went here, where Cathleen kindly let me purchase a bag from here; and finally visited here, where I met with Dr. Swain to discuss a directed study that I started last summer, and here, where Cathleen, again, kindly let me purchase this, this, and this.

Just finished the fantastic tale of The Boy Who Lived, and with that done, and with life stabilizing for the next month, I'm going to finish up this and read this so I can finish what I started last summer. And that should leave me with exactly only this, this, and a one-credit directed study (1,350 pages of reading on somebody or something - and maybe a paper) to finally get my degree (and hopefully a raise) by May 2010.

And on a completely unrelated note, I read a lengthy post by Brother Wedgeworth this weekend on "The Federal Vision and Reformed Theology" and quite, quite enjoyed it. Not only does Steven give a helpful explanation of what the Federal Vision is, he also offers some real insight into the nature of the controversy. The pinnacle, for me, I think, is in the conclusion:
So where does that leave one? Where can you go if you just want to be "Reformed," all the while maintaining an outward looking mission and a flexible posture for the future? In other words, what should the normal people do?

I believe the answer is to simply stay put. You can do what you need to do without anything drastic at all. Know ahead of time that many so-called authorities are simply posturing. Discount the noise they make and continue with true ministry. Serve your local church in effective ways and handle all of this other stuff on your own time, if you can do it and remain sane. If not, then forget it and do your real job. Catholicity is a spirit. Promote it. [source]
I don't love this because it's profound, but because it's so simple and so right. It matches my own heart in the matter almost perfectly.