Friday, August 14, 2009

Dever-Hart Talk

Thought it was cool to hear Mark Dever say at about 16:10:
I think many modern American Christians understand the importance of novelty - and there is importance to novelty, "sing a new song" - I mean, there is importance to novelty. But they don't understand the importance of repetition.

Our children, now, they want to hear the same stories again and again. When we're on our death beds, we're not singing a brand new song, usually - we're singing a hymn that we've known from childhood or early in life.

American evangelicals are pretty bad at understanding the importance of repetition. [source]
And at 17:19:
I repeat things a lot here, my congregation is very tolerant. I repeat the same wedding sermon at every wedding.We use the same vows, we use Calvin's vows from Geneva. I use basically Cranmer's form for the Lord's Supper. And I've done the exact same thing for fifteen years here. [source]
I can actually testify to that bit about Cranmer as I actually attended a worship service at his church once.


C. M. Sheffield said...

How true this is. So many of the Puritans identify repetition as the key to pastors inculcating upon their people the very basics of Christian doctrine and devotion, and that being over many years of faithful preaching and teaching. (e.g. Baxter, Bridges, et al). Good post.