Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Video Meditation on the Lord's Supper

This is why one of the primary criteria Cathleen and I have chosen for our next church is, at the very least, bi-weekly communion:


C. M. Sheffield said...

I too think that frequent communion is a good thing.

I have often wondered how those who maintain that the Lord's Supper is a means of grace (as I do) can so quickly justify not having it so infrequently or even consider having it frequently a bad thing. I don't intend to be dogmatic and uncharitable in this regard to those of a differing opinion, however, it is a question not often met with a real answer.

It is also interesting to me how Baptists can be so insistant upon immersion (of which no doubt I am a proponent) but regard the symbolic value of one cup and one loaf in the observance of the Supper as incidental. Again, I make these remarks with sincere deference towards those who differ, but it certainly is worth giving serious thought.

C. M. Sheffield said...

Earlier I meant to say "justify having it so infrequently." Sorry for any confusion.

Scott Schultz said...

All true, Chris. I wonder the same thing. Indeed, the Lord's Supper is a treasure trove of ecclesial symbolism, much of which is ignored.

But I wouldn't say that I share in your sincere deference - for me it's more like sincere befuddlement.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with having the Lord's Supper more than once a month as our church does.

I have never seen anything in scripture that says how often we are to have it.

I do see the possibility of it being overlooked as something not so special as it is meant to be by having it every Sunday. Our human sin nature would do that.
It would take a lot of effort to make sure it was kept as a special and significant event.

However, I don't see anything in this video that would make me say yes it should be more often than we do it at our church. it actually seems to be put more into what the Lord supper is than what I see in scripture.



C. M. Sheffield said...


Most arguments for frequent observance of the Supper stem from a conviction that the Supper is a means of grace (i.e. a means of spiritual growth and progress in sactification). Typically, the preaching and public reading of the Word, Baptism & the Lord's Supper, and prayer are considered to be the "ordinary" means of grace. Some also include church discipline among these as a means of grace. For those who believe that God has ordained the Lord's Supper as a means of sanctifying his church (Jn. 6:48-58; 1 Cor. 10:16-17; consider the harm of eating unworthily in 1 Cor. 11:28-30), it stands to reason that frequent observance (like weekly reading and preaching of the Word) is a good thing. Of course, care should always be taken to insure that we're observing the Supper in true faith and not just going faithlessly through the motions. But that is true regardless of how infrequently it is observed. Hope this is of some help in thinking through Scripture's teaching on this doctrine.

Thine in Christ,
C. M. Sheffield

Anonymous said...

CM Sheffield

DO I know you?

My point to Scott is that this video did not show any scriptural teaching for his point of view of how often it should be done. The video also seemed to add more to what the Lord's supper is.

C. M. Sheffield said...

Of course. It's Chris Sheffield. My wife is Cindy.

I was trying to provide some of the biblical support that is perhaps assumed in Scott's statement and the video, which is a meditation rather than a polemical argument.

Sorry for any confusion.