Friday, October 2, 2009

¿Dónde está mi chica puertorriqueña?

On Monday, the powers-that-be transferred my little Puerto Rican girl to a team with more Spanish speaking teachers. Sad, but probably for the best for her. Today, however, she came by and handed me a brown bag filled with chocolates and a card from her mom:
Hi, Mr. Schultz,

I wish to thank you so much... and [the little Puerto Rican girl] as well!

For us, you are a great teacher and a human being. I am sorry that you will not be [the little Puerto Rican girl]'s math teacher anymore but I am sure she will never forget you. Good luck in all aspects of your life and keep up the good work! You realy got a positive result out of [the little Puerto Rican girl].

It's nice for lots of reasons, not least because it was the first spontaneous gift I've ever received from a parent.