Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bavinck on the Spirit

Taking a break from this, I thought I'd take a look at what Bavinck might have to say about the third person of Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

Pulling Volume 4 of Reformed Dogmatics, "The Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation", I began searching the Table of Contents for a chapter specifically about said trinitarian person only to find that the entire volume (all 944 pages) is Bavinck's Pneumatology. There was no place that could be described as a simple theology proper. Rather, Bavinck's work on the Spirit is found only amidst chapters on the the Church, Sacraments, Resurrection, and Eschatology.

Instructive, methinks.


BrianG said...

Of course, you picked up the final volume of a four volume set. You might try Volume 1 for the Holy Spirit in relation to revelation, Volume 2 on the Doctrine of God if you want theology proper, as well as the plethora of material on the Holy Spirit in volume three under the work of Christ.

Scott Schultz said...

Certainly. The topic of the Holy Spirit sporadically shows up in those places you mentioned, but there's nothing like a chapter length discussion simply on "The Spirit" himself. It's Volume 4 where nearly every chapter is interpretted under the rubric of the Spirit's work: Part 1 is a discussion of the existential aspects of the Spirit's work. Part 2 literally references the Spirit in every single chapter title. And Part 3 is as well titled with the Spirit's work in mind.