Friday, April 9, 2010

Just so you know...

Cathleen and I have found a church: link.

Church of the Redeemer is one of 100s of Anglican churches exiled from the ECUSA. Just after paying off the mortgage on their gorgeous building, they lost it to the diocese a few years ago, and have been meeting in a messianic synagogue ever since, currently residing in the newly founded Anglican Church in North America.

If you divide up Anglicanism into the three strands of Evangelical, Reformed, and Catholic, Church of the Redeemer's on the Reformed side of Evangelical - there's a Packer, Piper, Stott influence, but an undeniable hand-raising, praise chorus, PowerPoint, Billy Graham-ish vibe to it as well. It kinda feels like a baptist church sometimes, but it still follows the essentials of the prayerbook liturgy, and mixes in some good hymns every now and then. The clincher is that it's got a strong communal presence, with people of all ages there, and a worship that Christianly consummates around Christ's bread and cup. There are some other especially commendable things about it (like the bishop and the rector there, and my friends that are there as well), but that's the long and the short of it. It's a church like so many others that has its share of annoyances, but Christ is there, and we are here, so it's somewhere we can happily commune.