Sunday, August 29, 2010

If you're wondering...

The reason is because I've been in the midst of things such as buying a house. Closing date is set for September 22.

Started teaching again this week. Things are going awesome. Probably going to be my best year ever.

Still in the midst of this and this, but tonight I'm starting this (HT: D.Hou).

Thinking tonight: 2010 is going to have been quite an action-packed year: new church, new degrees, new friends, new house. In fact, our new church is moving into its new building (Lord-willing) over the next few months, hopefully having its first service in the new location on Christmas Eve. Exciting times, these.

P.S. Earlier this month, Nick and I biked over a 100 miles in a day.


Wesley said...

Good news. Where is the new house?

Scott Schultz said...

On Kernan, South of Beach, not far from UNF.