Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Ignorant

Through the miracle of transferring between several different schools during my college education, I managed to successfully never learn the proper way to format a paper. MLA, APA, it's all Greek to me. I don't know when to tab, when not to; when to double space, when to single space; when to space between footnotes, when not to; how to correctly write a footnote; when not to use footnotes, when to use in text citations, when not to; when to use endnotes (which I here is "never"); the differences between works cited and bibliographies, et cetera, et cetera.

Yet strangely, I've gotten by. The vast majority of papers I've written have been in Verdana, size 10, 1.5 spacing, with a different citation scheme for every paper. No complaints, no nonsense, nothing. One professor just told me, "Doesn't matter as long as your consistent." Fair enough. Also, it seems, true enough.