Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Is Really Important

Quoth HUvB:
For Maximus, both kinds of cult take their place alongside each other, implying a mutual interpenetration and transcendence in the direction of a cult that is truly comprehensive. For even the intellectual activity that seeks God through the symbolism of nature and Scripture has a kind of sacramental structure, while the sacrament, on the other hand, needs intellectual understanding if it is to be performed correctly. This understanding, however, is not something that empties the ritual act of its integrity; its intelligibilty is possible only within the performance itself, not alongside it, since it "binds us to God through what has been performed, in a condition and a form determined by the [sacramental] thing itself." (p. 315)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


True scholarship takes the learner by the hand and walks them into beattitude. It teaches learners how to learn. It is pedagogical before it is didactic.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My boneless one, I find, is gettin' all swagjacked by the local skaters. Nevermind that I've been pullin boneless to tail stalls on quarter pipes since I was 17. Whatever. I'm an unheralded legend, it seems, as my neverending insistence on using boardrails and hands over against kickflips and wussy 360 flips, has finally taken hold after, what, a decade? only for me to fade out of the local skate scene and take on a life more adult... That said, the past two nights have been pretty fun.

Also, I'm mildly ashamed to admit that too much time has been spent during the last week perusing the techno-house-electronica genre, for a needle in a hay stack mission of sorts, though yielding a new found fondness for a subgenre of a subgenre (yes!) known as dubstep. There may have been some mp3 downloads involved... it's been weird.

And of course, this is my last week of teaching classes before the Summer. Come Friday, Summer break starts. Good times ahead, my friends - better times.