Sunday, December 25, 2011

Keep "Christmas" in Christianity

Why don't we chalk up all the ails of evangelicalism to abandoning the lectionary? If we don't read the Scriptures through the rubric of the history of Christ, then we have to subject them to various and sundry 'other' histories, necessarily un-Christ-ian histories, histories which warp the gospel. As we abandon a reading of Scripture which is not everywhere attentive to the Holy Gospels, we instead read it subject to our whims, opinions, and fantasies. (Even "expositional" methods of preaching the Scriptures are subject to scrutiny, as they are vulnerable to exaggerations, false-emphases, and pet theologies.)

It seems, then, for example, that Christmas - along with every other feast and fast observed throughout the liturgical calendar - is at the heart of rightly dividing the Word of God.