Wednesday, February 27, 2013

6 ages, 6 days, 6 epochs

On page 9 of his study of Book I of the Confessiones, Gary Wills notes the structure of Augustine's anthropo-creational-cosmology:
Ages of ManCreationHistory
1Infantia (pre-verbal)LightAdam to Noah
2Pueritia (speaking)Sky/EarthNoah to Abraham
3Adulescentia (15-30)VegetationAbraham to David
4Juventus (30-45)GalaxyDavid to Babylon
5Maturitas (45-60)FishBabylon to Christ
6Senectus (60-)Animals/ManChrist to End


Thomas Hall said...

That's one of the few intelligent and helpful things the tiresome man has ever done.

Scott Schultz said...

Are you speaking of this table in particular or the whole book?