Saturday, May 4, 2013

Common Sense?

One of my atheist friends and I were talking a few days ago:
Him: know that horrible taste of medicine?

Me: Yeh, I remember the first time I tasted it - I was like "What is going on! Why is this so horrible!"

Him: Yeh, that's our body telling us that that is poison.

Me: Hmm, maybe.

Him: Seriously, think about it.

Me: Pizza tastes really good, is that my body telling me that it's good for me?

Him: Exactly, things that are good for you taste good.

Me: So, pizza tastes so good because it contains a lot of nutrients. That's why you're not supposed to eat to much of it. Things that taste delicious should me eaten sparingly. Like candy.

Him: Yes.

Me: You know, from an entirely empirical worldview, there's no way to demonstrate that Why.

Him: Yes, I know what you mean.

Me: You can demonstrate using empirical evidence that the pizza tastes good and that medicine doesn't. But you can't go the next step and say Why? That's all speculative.

Him: I know where you're going with this. We've talked about this before. Well, it's a hypothesis. It helps explain a lot of other things.

Me: But what allows you to do that?

Him: You have to use common sense.

Me: Hmm. Remember how I said that I have some questions for Lewis?

Him: Yes.

Me: This is one of those questions. I don't think you can account for common sense. You have to be able to account for it to use it.
At which point we were interrupted.