Tuesday, June 4, 2013

True Story

A student wrote this for a project we are working on:
Once their was a evil teacher named Mr. Schultz, one of his students got so mad that she wasn't good at math that she planned to make him poor. For every problem she got wrong, he lost 3,000 dollars. When the FCAT came around Mr. Schultz was nervous, very nervous...

She got every problem wrong and Mr. Schultz had no money. So Mr. Schultz applied for McDonalds but not even they would let him work there.

Mr. Schultz was very sad and his wife left. Even his baby craweled away from him. He drank from dirty puddles and ate from dumpsters.

Mr. Schultz decided to get into a bad habbit of abusing animals. So he got taken to jail. Everyone laughed at him. And the rest of his days were sad lonely and miserble.
I left the spelling and grammar errors in to preserve the middle school charm.


Trent said...

Do you agree with Wrights parables, or interpretation of them? Like of the talents, they don't refer to his second coming.